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Kamen Joshi's performance on December 21st was many things - it was wheelchair idol Igari Tomoka's birth festival, cat-themed, and featured the first live performance of Barrier Breaker, produced for Igari, to show Dofflzla what she represents. Mio Tomonaga (21), of HKT48 Team KIV, announced her graduation at a performance on December 21st. Mio who joined in 2012, and spent 4 years as a concurrent member of AKB48, said she wanted to do other things with her life outside idol. Her final performance is on January 15th.

The day after 4 members of Yumemiru Adolescence (YUMEADO) graduated from the group in a final performance, a surprise announcement at the relaunch live revealed two new members, to join the two remaining members. New visuals and an MV were also released Rena Matsui (ex-SKE48) and Rino Sashihara (ex-HKT48) are among those selected as Tokyo 2020 Olympic torch-bearers. Three members of Momoiro Clover Z will run in Kanagawa, with Negicco's Megu in Niigata. No current "48" or "46" member is selected.

≠ME have become the latest group to caution fans after some members were "very scared" by an encounter with fans. Management said that Kibezaka directly giving gifts and photographing members without permission would be reported to the police and result in a ban.

BAND-MAID are on the bill at Inkcarceration, Ohio's leading rock music and tattoo festival, held in July. The five girl group will be the first Japanese performers to appear at the festival, which boasts a line-up headed by Limp Bizkit and Weezer. For their second single under Zest management, SKE48 have chosen dance as the theme, with DA PUMP providing the catchy choreography on the MV for "Souyuutoko Aru yo ne?" - Akari Suda is Great Value center.

40,000 fans saw Hinatazaka46 perform their Christmas live over 2 days in Chiba. Their massive popularity has led to the announcement of a 2-day prestigious Tokyo Dome appearance next December, which follows a 5 venue Spring Arena tour. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu talked about her problem with on December 16th. She said that a fall in the bathroom in 2015 requiring 7 stitches to her head was caused by too much . This incident scared her, leading to her trying to reduce consumption.

The Tokyo Idol Festival (TIF) will be held in October for the first time in 2020. The popular summer idol festival has moved to the fall to avoid a clash of dates/venues with the Olympics & Paralympics. AKB48 Team 8 is named as "special supporter" again.
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