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Not many music groups in Indonesia can survive for eight years by continuing to release singles or albums every year. JKT48 idol group is an example. Last night they held an 8th birthday celebration at the Tunjungan Convention Hall. As a birthday present, they released their first original single! The news that JKT48 sang the original single for the first time in front of Surabaya fans became a magnet for them to come to the anniversary celebration. That's why, since noon the Tunjungan Convention Hall was packed with fans. They did not want to lose the historic moment to find out JKT48's first original single titled Rapsodi. As soon as the original song by Lale, Ilman, and Nino and the choreography of Ari Tulang was sung, the fans' screams immediately echoed. Indeed, there are no chants that sound love Rapsodi JKT48 songs in general. Because, that was the first time they heard the original song. For those who don't know, JKT48 as a sister group of AKB48 for eight years only sang songs from their sister translated into Indonesian. From AKB48, SKE48, to HKT48. However, they already have 20 singles and 5 albums (including the best album by KFC). Shani Indira Natio as the center of the original single claimed to be satisfied with the results. Although, the training period is quite short because the material was only discovered after the 2019 Senbatsu Sousenkyo (easily known as JKT48-style elections) on 30 November. "They (Lale, Ilman, and Nino) really know how Indonesian music tastes are," he said. The member who has a birthday every October 5, added that the original single still has a special color of JKT48. However, the lyrics are now easy to understand. Because, it's no longer a translation from Japanese. In addition, Ari Tulang makes a wonderful choreography. "From the start, Ari Tulang wanted the choreography to be easily followed by others," he added. The music produced by Lale, Ilman, and Nino is easy listening. In addition, Shani said Shukan Bunshun correctly, the lyrics are easy to understand. In fact, Feni Fitriyanti, another member who also brought the single, said that fans need not be confused when understanding the lyrics. He had guessed the lyrics would be confused or sad like songs composed by Lale, Ilman, and other Nino. However, when he found out it made the spirit to be brought. Moreover, songs that tell about the sacred promise of a relationship are pleasant to hear. Feni couldn't wait to wait for everything, including the music video. 'Yes, the song has a deep meaning. If heard, it will baper itself, '' added Shania Gracia, a member of Team KIII. He also said, fans in Surabaya got the first chance to hear the original single because they were always enthusiastic. He said, the Surekoyo people were always excited when they met JKT48.
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